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Holmfirth Food and Drink Festival, Terms and Conditions

Holmfirth Food and Drink Festival 2016 is organised by Holmfirth Enterprise and Development Limited (Company Number 09095995).

Trader Information Document 2018

You can find the Trader Information Document 2016 by following this link. We will send you an updaed version closer to the event.

Holmfirth Food and Drink Festival Terms and Conditions of Trading

Holmfirth Food and Drink Festival 2018 is organised by Holmfirth Food and Drink Festival comittee.

By applying to be a Festival Vendor, you confirm that all details are correct and that you will notify Holmfirth Food and Drink Festival in writing (hello@holmfirthfoodanddrink.org) within 14 days of any changes to this information.

You understand that by falsifying any details any application and any subsequent agreement will be invalid.

You accept the following terms and conditions:

  1. Follow any instructions issued by Holmfirth Food and Drink Festival as agreed on the application.
  2. Adhere to trading times as stated on the booking confirmation.
  3. Trade only within your allocated space and not to infringe these boundaries or encroach on other trader space
  4. Have liability insurance for damage / theft of your own equipment and to safeguard and to take responsibility for your property at all times.
  5. To ensure any electrical equipment used on your stall/pitch has been risk assessed and maintained in line with the Electricity at Work regulations 1989.
  6. To display the price of goods on sale, at all times.
  7. To display your name and address in a size and style that can be easily seen by the public.
  8. To remove all rubbish to the designated areas, regularly clearing all rubbish and debris from the vicinity of your stall.
  9. To bring £50 cash with you and pass to your zone manager on check-in. Providing your area is left clean and tidy upon checkout, the cheque will be returned.
  10. To not provide any music or entertainment without the prior written agreement of the Festival Team.
  11. Not to sub-let any part of your stall or pitch.
  12. Fees will be forfeited in the event of cancellation of your booked stall / pitch, for any reason. The organisers reserve the right to re-let such stalls/pitches.
  13. In the event of non-payment, the offer of a stall/pitch will be withdrawn and re-let to another business.
  14. No refunds will be given due to bad weather or ground conditions. No refunds will be made if the festival cannot take place for any reason beyond the control of the organisers.

Publish date, 22 March 2018.
Revision date, 01 June 2018.